City of Mobile Police Hacked & Data Leaked by Turkish Ajan

mpd_patch Turkish Ajan hacker group has today announced a leak of data from the City of Mobile Police ( The City of mobile police is located in the town of Mobile which claims to be the 3rd largest city in the U.S. State of Alabama and is the official police department for the county and surrounding area. > Mobile is the third most populous city in the U.S. state of Alabama, the county seat of Mobile County, and Alabama’s only salt water port. It is located at the head of Mobile Bay and the north-central Gulf Coast of the United States wiki

The announcement has come from the official twitter account of Turkish Ajan @TurkishAjan. > City of Mobile Police Department Hacked ! Database leak. #OpUSA #hack @hackread @cyber_war_news @eduardkovacs — TurkishAjan Official (@TurkishAjan) May 11, 2013

The leaked data was uploaded to speedyshare as a 254kb RAR file which when uncompressed contains 12 .xls files from the sites database. The files which appear to be internal or public information from the database as well as administrator credentials with email addresses, full names, encrypted passwords and other site related information. Other files from the leak include information related to mobile city events, local businesses, site and police related information all of which is not critical. In relation to previous leaks from Turkish Ajan hacker group this one would be classed very minor but its target would be classed very important as it is shocking but not surprising to see yet another police department be compromised by hackers. In recent time the same hacker group has released information from some bigger company’s like MSI, GigaByte and many others

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