Cl0p affiliated hackers exposed in Ukraine, $500 million in damages estimated

Vilius Petkauskas reports:

Ukrainian police reported uncovering a group of hackers who used ransomware software to extort money from foreign businesses, mainly in the United States and South Korea.

Authorities claim that hackers used Cl0p encryption software to decipher stolen data and demanded ransom for the access key.

According to the police, suspects used double-extorsion, and victims were threatened their data would be leaked in case of not complying with the ransom demand.

Ukrainian police estimate that six suspects carried out an attack in 2019, which affected 810 computers in an unnamed South Korean firm. Threat actors used ‘Flawedammyy RAT’ software for the hack.

It sounds like they got the operation involved in the Accellion breach. It would be nice to have a translation of the video the police received.  A translation of the police statement indicates that there are six defendants and that they are facing eight years in prison.

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