Claimed Secret Documents from Iran Leaked By Hannibal

Hannibal has leaked more information, but this time its in the form of documents that are claimed to be from militarys, governments and others. In the first release’s he did, he did warn of document leaks that would come so i guess this must be them. The data is claimed to come from Iran and just adds more fuel to the on going middle east cyber war. The data is in Persian so its hard for us to confirm exactly what it is, but we have been told its fairly scattered and meaning less, although there could be vital information that has been missed but is probably just junk.

As promised, my project is very well advanced. Today I’m leaking confidential information of the Iranian Army, Iranian government and citizens. It’s nothing compared to what I have. This percentage is very small. I’m working on hacking into the computers of Iran’s nuclear facilities Hannibal

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6. FUCK YOU.rar.html
8. If anyone finds any further information please contact us.

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