Class Actions Adding to the Cost of Data Breaches

Sharon R. Klein and Jeffrey L. Vagle of Pepper Hamilton LLP review what’s going in the federal circuits when it comes to getting potential class action lawsuits over data breaches or privacy breaches dismissed. You can read their article on JD Supra. I’ll take a wild guess and hypothesize that they’re defendants’ lawyers and not plaintiffs’ in breach lawsuits. 🙂

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  1. Don Moffett - October 26, 2012

    It is about time companies face reality. They rely on old technology to protect systems, perimeter security and file encryption has been breached. So companies who continue to put their eggs in that basket deserve to be sued for malpractice. The CIOs and CSOs are failing the company and expecting the legal department and breach insurance to make up for their inadequacies. If they don’t do data centric encryption and crypto labeling, it is on them, and we the consumers end up paying for their incompetence. There are products that can protect our privacy out there, check out www., and they are far less than they will pay in a class action suit. Their lack of action to protect the privacy of consumers is not defendable.

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