Client data stolen from e-commerce platform

There are actually two different reports/hackers included in this report on The Hindu, it seems.

The first part of the article reports a criminal complaint filed against the CEO of Cyble, Inc. The Ken had first reported accusations about Cyble —  accusations that Cyble flatly denies and that they have blogged about.  I expect we will eventually some kind of update on the accusations or withdrawal of accusations. Cyble seems pretty clear that they can prove their innocence, even though the burden of proof is on their accusers, of course.

The second part of the report notes a hacker who has allegedly hacked about 30 entities that are  Bitcoin exchanges, poker, or other gaming sites:

Incidentally, the Central Crime Branch, while probing a drug racket, had arrested a software engineer Sri Krishna for allegedly hacking into the database of companies and stealing sensitive information. He would either blackmail the owners and demand money to return the data, or sell the information on the dark net.

Read more on The Hindu.

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