Clinton campaign says data program accessed in cyber-attack on Democrats

Sam Thielman and Lauren Gambino report:

A data program used by the campaign of the Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, was “accessed” as a part of hack on the Democratic National Committee (DNC) that intelligence officials believe was carried out by Russia’s intelligence services, Clinton’s campaign said on Friday.


Clinton spokesman Nick Merrill said that despite the breach of the campaign network, “no evidence” had been found to suggest that the “internal systems have been compromised”. Reuters, citing people familiar with the matter, first reported that the Clinton computer network had been hacked.

Read more on The Guardian.

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  1. Jordana Ari - July 30, 2016

    There are tons of Swiss cheese holes all over this. I don’t think we will know for awhile until they release whatever they are holding onto.

    And someone in Russia really does not like Hillary Clinton.

    (By the way, I am almost positive they have my emails from my real name account to the DNC. When the DNC begged for money, I wrote back quite a few times I will never give a dime for many specific reasons)

  2. Anonymous - August 1, 2016

    What? No information accessed? Did he bother to pay attention to a PREVIOUS breach of the DNC and all the data that was dumped? No, They rather try to lie and feed the american people a line of crap than step up and say, logically that there is a possibility of a 2nd hack but unsure at this time what was affected

    There are MANY MANY versions of malware and other nasties that are NOT detected by anti malware. They probably searched for the same things, found nothing and decided to say, NAH there isn’t anytjing here. That’s total BS, and they know it. If you cannot fix your junk, the american people should know.

    No planning what so ever, no forward thinking what so ever…..and this team wants to ruin, errr run as president?

    The DNC needs to get a grip. they HAVE been compromised, and Anything to say that the DNC is fully clean is suspect at best.

    Some americans are aware of the issues with the DNC and the hack. Others simply don’t care and rather be blind to the issue. generally in america, the attention to detail has definately fell flat on its face over the past 15+ years.

  3. Anonymous - August 1, 2016

    I never send a negative response, or any response to a potentially hacked environment. You never know if it is a phishing campaign.IF it is, then the crooks on the other end have your email address as a person who is willing to open and reply to an email. They can then add you to a list that can serve up malware that is embedded in a JPG or other attachment.

    If you use Outlook or any other email service, it is BEST to shut off any sort of preview pane to avoid an inadvertent opening of unwanted emails.

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