Cn: 20,000 Taishin Int’l Bank clients’ data leaked

Personal information of as many as 20,000 applicants for cash cards issued by Taishin International Bank (台新銀行) have been found to be part of a massive leak of information to a con ring recently busted by the police, the Chinese-language Apple Daily reported yesterday.

The police discovered the massive trove of personal information from a computer seized from a fraud ring busted more than one month ago, and the identification card numbers of the victims were classified in an alphabetical order, with A indicating that the ID cards were issued in Taipei, B representing Taichung and so on, in complete accordance with the classifications made by the Ministry of the Interior.

“It seems that the personal information of the 20,000 applicants for Taishin’s cash cards, between 2003 and 2005, was directly copied from the computer system of the bank. It’s really terrible!” said a police officer.


The leaked personal data clearly stated the name, cash card number, ID card number, telephone, address, national health insurance card, household domicile registration, and passbook of each cash-card applicant.

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