Cn: Jail for telecom employees who sold subscriber details

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China Unicom and China Mobile employees were among a group of 23 people jailed yesterday for selling phone users’ details.

Prison sentences ranged from a year to two years and six months.

Liu Hongbo, who worked for the Beijing Longjiang Junwei Information Consulting Center, collaborated with her lover, Dai Bin, and China Mobile and China Unicom employees to collect and sell subscriber details, including their profiles and bill records, and offered a service to track down phone users’ positions from March in 2009, the Beijing No. 2 Intermediate People’s Court heard.


Most of the buyers were debt-collecting companies, private detectives and individuals who needed the information to find out if their spouses were having an affair.

Some information was even used by criminals for abduction and blackmailing, said the court.

The offenders were charged with the illegal acquisition and sale of private information. Liu received the heaviest penalty, being sentenced to two years and six months in jail and fined 30,000 yuan.

Original source: Shanghai Daily

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