CN: Two hospital staff jailed for data theft

Global Times reports that a pharmacist and a buyer employed by Ruijin Hospital in Huangpu District (Shanghai, China) have both been sentenced to a year in jail for selling medication usage data to pharmaceutical companies. According to their report, which was based on coverage on Shanghai Television Station:

Wang and Le had been working together since 2011 to steal patient usage data for 46 drugs, the report said. The two sent the stolen information via e-mail to a pharmaceutical sales representative. They made more than 11,000 yuan ($1,819) selling the information.


The hospital discovered the thefts when Wang and Le attempted to download the information over the hospital’s Wi-Fi network.

Read more on Global Times. It’s not clear from their report whether any personally identifiable patient data was transmitted or just usage data in terms of number of patients, doses, etc.

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