CNN-News18 allegedly hacked to deny PayTM hack claims

What a weird story about the lengths some folks will go to to deny that they were responsible for a hack.  Ax Sharma reports:

A hacker group that goes by the names “John Wick” and “Korean Hackers” have provided BleepingComputer with information on the hacking of the Indian Prime Minister’s Twitter account and the online systems of popular Indian news channel, News18.

This same group had previously hacked the video-on-demand service ZEE5 and defaced multiple websites, seeking nothing but a “10 Ethereum ‘donation’ for their help.”

In their quest to refute claims that they were behind PayTM hacks, “John Wick” breached Indian PM’s Twitter account and allegedly hacked the TV channel News18 to spread the message on their innocence.

Read more of the story on BleepingComputer.

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