CO: 150 Personal Veterans Records Mailed To Wrong Man

CBS reports:

Sensitive information detailing the military careers of dozens of U.S. veterans, social security numbers and pension applications was mailed to a Weld County man who is also a veteran.

That mix-up can be traced back to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs in Lakewood. The agency is in charge of processing disability claims for veterans. Now its implicated in a security breach impacting as many as 150 veterans.

Wayne Hayden is a Korean War veteran. He has been battling the Veterans Administration over a claim for the past seven years. He claims to have lost his house, his health and his hope.

That’s when Hayden received the boxes in the mail which contained all the paperwork for his claim with the VA. Then he noticed something else.

“When I opened the first box and started going through it I found some names and Social Security numbers of other soldiers I was stationed with,” said Hayden.

The Veterans Administration office in Lakewood had mailed Hayden 30 pages of names and Social Security numbers, transfer orders and promotion lists of other veterans. There was even an application for a pension that didn’t belong to Hayden.

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