CO: ‘Anti-Gym’ Personal Records Found In Dumpster

Rick Sallinger reports:

Personal information on clients of a now-shuttered Denver gym has turned up in a very public place.

Two weeks ago the Internal Revenue Service shut down the “Anti-Gym” for non-payment of payroll taxes. Somehow many of the gym’s records turned up outside in the trash. …

There was information about gay relationships, divorces, clients on birth control, those with breast enlargements and more.


Anti-Gym wellness questionnaires were filled out by other clients revealing what medications they were taking, including birth control and anti-depressants. These too were found in a dumpster outside the gym.


Karolchyk says he personally took all credit card information with him. However, records CBS4 found in the dumpster contained several credit card numbers complete with names, expiration dates and security codes.

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