CO: Hacking case against basalt roofer dismissed

Jason Auslander reports:

The District Attorney’s Office on Friday dismissed its case against the owner of a basalt roofing company accused of hacking into a competitor’s computer files and using the information to undercut and sabotage the competitor’s bids.

Gregg Mackey, owner of Red Eagle Roofing, was first charged with a computer crime felony equal to that of second-degree murder, though the charge was significantly downgraded to a far lesser felony a few months later.

On Friday, prosecutor Don Nottingham dismissed the case completely.

Read more on Post Independent.

There are still charges pending against one employee, who has claimed that this was Mackey’s doing. So Mackey has had charges dismissed, but still seems to be dealing with a lot of reputation injury and future reputation/bad press from this matter. Sometimes the idea of not publishing defendants’ names until later in a case makes sense. Certainly anyone googling Mackey will likely come across media coverage of the original charges, and perhaps even updates like this one. But it’s still not the way you want your name to be indexed by Google.


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