CO: Hospital worker says she stole 20 identities a week

In today’s installment of what has become a bit of a soap opera of a breach, Deborah Sherman reports:

In an exclusive interview with 9Wants to Know, the woman facing charges for stealing patient records from St. Anthony Central Hospital says she might have helped to steal many more identities than previously thought.

Dawn Philbin, 51 of Lakewood, also said she lied to the hospital about the reasons why she gave the stolen data to accused identity thief Paul Simmons.

According to arrest warrants, when St. Anthony Central administrators confronted Philbin on Jan. 21, she told them that a family friend forced her to take the patient records out of the hospital or he would kill her daughter. However, in an interview with Investigative Reporter Deborah Sherman Wednesday, Philbin admitted she made up the story.


She told 9NEWS she was providing about 20 identities to Simmons per week.

The hospital admits it may not know the extent of the identity thefts.

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