CO: Judge lets identity-stealing nurse off with probation

As a follow-up to a breach reported previously on this blog….

Monte Whaley reports:

A 31-year-old nurse police say stole the identities of hospital patients in Adams County was sentenced today to six years probation despite a request for prison time.

Cannon Tubb in June was charged with multiple counts of identity theft and theft of medical records, both felonies. Adams County District Attorney Don Quick asked that Tubb be sentenced to prison for his crimes.

But Adams County District Judge Jill-Ellyn Straus sentenced Tubb to six years community corrections, said Adams DA spokeswoman Krista Flannigan.

Read more on The Denver Post.

This breach incurred costs for the hospitals and patients’ information was misused and the perpetrator gets off with probation? I’d love to know why the judge let him off so leniently. I would have sent him to prison for this one.

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