CO: Sensitive Patient Records Found Scattered At Shopping Center

Don Champion reports:

An Aurora street sweeper found hundreds of sensitive dental patient records scattered near a Dumpster behind an Aurora shopping center on Saturday.

The billings records contained patients’ Social Security numbers, birth dates, names and addresses — information that could be abused by identity thieves.


The documents trace back to Dentistry at the Crest, a dental practice in Lone Tree. 7NEWS has learned [redacted by Dissent]  sold the dental practice to [redacted by Dissent] in September. Both dentists said they didn’t know how the documents ended up nearly 20 miles away in Aurora.

Read more on The Denver Channel.

Clearly someone needs to find out how these records wound up there. One of the two dentists is likely responsible for notifying patients and HHS, but the other party’s name and reputation may be unfairly tarnished if the responsible party is not identified.  Indeed, it might not be either dentist but some moving company or vendor that one of them hired, which is why I’ve temporarily redacted names.

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