CO: Waitress charged with felony possession of skimmer

Making possession of tools a felony opens up new prosecutorial possibilities:

A Greeley waitress from China, arrested last week for allegedly “skimming” customers’ credit cards, has been charged with a felony — possession of identity theft tools.

Yu Lin, 22, was arrested last week and released on $5,000 bond. She was arrested after the owners of the Ambrosia Asian Restaurant in west Greeley first videotaped Lin, then reported the skimming incident to police.


This case has a bit of a twist to it, it seems:

Lin allegedly purchased the device from a company that promised to raise her credit limit if she used the device to copy credit card information and then return the device to the company.

Although police said she admitted copying 50 to 60 customers’ cards in July, none of the information was passed on to other devices.

Read more in the Greeley Tribune.

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