CoBank & CitiBank Internal Access By .c0mrade

@OfficialComrade has released another exploit press release that is aimed at two major banks. Cobank and Citibank. In this release he explains the fact that access has been had for over 1 year to these systems. in the release .c0mrade claims to be contacting the banks "the next morning" and also states that these were done when he was classed as a blackhat. The press release contains a bit of leaked information that proves he has had access tto the system as well as 2 administration accounts.

I’ve roughly had access to CoBank for over a year now. I was just waiting for the golden moment. I knew that over the years more systems would be copulated. I decided I’d just wait till more data got en route. If I were to post this last week, Bank Information would be spilled and spread all over the Internet internationally. I didn’t though, I’m doing the right thing. My job is simple, I fill out a report for you guys to read, and I pass it onto the ones vulnerable. Keep in mind, I did this when I was the bad guy!

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