Coca-Cola investigates hackers’ claims of breach and data theft

Bill Toulas reported this yesterday:

Coca-Cola, the world’s largest soft drinks maker, has confirmed in a statement to BleepingComputer that it is aware of the reports about a cyberattack on its network and is currently investigating the claims.

The American beverage giant has started to investigate after the Stormous gang said that it successfully breached some of the company’s servers and stole 161GB of data.

Read more at BleepingComputer.

Stormous’s approach seems somewhat variable, asking people to vote on what company they should hit next, and then announcing the results. And as Toulas reports, Stormous recently announced that they have added a “store” where they will sell corporate data.  If their claims about Coca-Cola are true, the threat actors were able to exfiltrate more than 161 GB of data.

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