Code Blue: nurses’ details at risk

KIRO 7 investigated a report that 30-40 boxes containing personal information of nurses — “medical records, social security numbers, driver’s licenses, financial records, legal documents, bank records, W2s” — were being dumped in garbage cans of a local spice shop over the past few weeks:

The files appear to belong to a company called Code Blue Staffing Solutions. Code Blue’s name and logo appear throughout every box. The company, which placed travelling nurses in jobs, has apparently been closed for years.

Public records reveal that Code Blue was headquartered in Albuquerque. It’s founder, Andrew Turner, moved from New Mexico and is now living in Seattle’s Magnolia neighborhood, just three miles from where the documents were dumped. KIRO 7 Consumer Investigators wanted to ask Turner if he knew anything about how his now-defunct company’s records ended up abandoned in a dumpster just off the Magnolia Bridge, but Turner did not return multiple phone call messages.

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