COG Hackers and self-discipline convention, translated

Section 1 "COG Hackers and self-discipline Convention" established principles of"COG Hackers and self-discipline Convention," with reference to the 2002 UN General Assembly 57/239 "create global culture of cybersecurity," and the 2004 Resolution No. 58/199, "creating a global culture of cybersecurity and the protection of critical information infrastructure." and social aspects of the industry on the hacker spirit of interpretation and research. "COG Hackers and self-discipline Convention" is not legal, if not in line with existing laws, subject to existing laws.

  • "COG Hackers and self-discipline Convention" applies to non-political, non-religious, non-profit, global network to serve the public interest for the purpose of the individual and the network society organizations, including but not limited to, through the statutory registration of social organizations.
  • "COG Hackers and self-discipline Convention," adhere to free, voluntary, open and transparent, and other basic principles; respect for the individual and network diversity and independence of social organizations.
  • "COG Hackers and self-discipline Convention" not committed to self-organization of individuals and social networks to do the threshold set too tight and complex assessment, but on a voluntary, self-confidence and the principle of combining; for self-regulation has been committed network of individuals and social organizations , then the situation to keep its promise to keep their attention.

Section 2 "COG Hackers and self-discipline Convention" related definitions

COG: Change Owner Group stands to support based on the UNIX command (CHOWNGROUP) history and understand the premise of any Chinese translation and interpretation.
Network of social organizations: Refers to the addition to government agencies and for-profit business organizations outside, non-profit purposes, to the network as the main activities, in public or non-commercial activities of social organizations, technology or interest groups, voluntary organizations, and other civil society organizations.
Hacker: Out by the English transliteration Hacker, narrow is the special study found that computers and networks vulnerable computer enthusiasts. Computer hackers have a fanatical interest and dedication to the pursuit of political advantage from hackers, they promote the emergence of computer and network development and improvement. Hackers do not vandalism, according to Eric Raymond, founder of open source projects have words to explain, hacker and cracker is the world belong to two different ethnic groups, the basic difference is, hacker is constructive, but cracker is special acts of sabotage. COG Convention only for narrow hackers.
Hacking spirit: The spirit of the definition of hacker is used to describe people who are keen on solving problems, overcoming limitations of people. Therefore, the hacker spirit is not only refers to the (limited to) electronic, computer or network, not in the nature of the hacker spirit in an environment unique to the person, the hacker spirit of nature can play in any other field, such as music or art, etc. .Curiosity, doubt, independent thinking, open, sharing the spirit of the performance characteristics are hackers. In fact, the hacker spirit refers to the independent thinking, like freedom to explore a way of thinking: "the highest state of spiritual freedom."

Section 3 "COG Hackers and self-discipline convention" textThe following provisions apply to "all committed to the" COG Hackers and self-discipline Convention, "the network of individuals and social organizations":Article 1 mission and the implementation of the mission1.1 Any claim for the hacker and the commitment to comply "COG Hackers self Convention" a person or organization should be networked society to meet specific public interest mission and goals.1.1.1 There should be clear, a clear mission to serve the public interest for the specific purpose, even if the form is personal.

  • 1.1.2 The mission should be consistent with the definition of the hacker spirit and hackers.
  • 1.1.3 The mission should be to obtain an appropriate manner to the public.
  • 1.1.4 for the network of social organizations such as the members of the organization should understand and agree with the organization’s mission and values.

1.2 Behavior and mission should be consistent.1.2.1 shall be in accordance with the mission and goals of practical work or interested in behavior.

  • 1.2.2 should be used to assess the mission and goals of the organization or the performance of self, and in an appropriate manner for the public to obtain or informed.
  • 1.2.3 If unable to meet, should be declared to the public and denounce this Convention by

Article 2 conflict of interest2.1 Any claim for the hacker and the commitment to comply "COG Hackers self Convention" a person or network society organizations should be set to avoid a conflict of interest principles and bottom line.2.1.1 should be appropriate to avoid the definition of principles and to protect the bottom line, conducting business transactions or other social behavior, the associated stakeholders (including but not limited to the network society members, relatives and other organizations or individuals) shall not participate or attempt to impact-related decisions.

Article 3 activities3.1 Any claim for the hacker and the commitment to comply "COG Hackers self Convention" or network of individuals and social organizations should consider to ensure that its activities impact on the public.3.2 Network community organization should be carefully considered and responsible efforts to ensure risk control to ensure that its activities.3.2.1 network society organizations should take the initiative to its existing and future members of the introduction and popularization of "COG Hackers and self-discipline Convention" information and knowledge.

  • 3.2.2 network of social organizations should take the initiative to members of the development of children and minors.
  • 3.2.3 Network of social organization should not disseminate or training existing hacking techniques and tools as the main way to earn income.

3.3 activities should avoid affecting the general public, children and young people any object of attack should be condemned.3.4 activity choice behavior should not be contrary to the spirit of hacking and hackers definition.3.4.1 to get the interest income and non-public for the purpose of denial of service attack (DDOS) does not belong to hackers.

  • 3.4.2 may endanger the general public on rights and freedoms of vulnerability or technical use or publish should be cautious.
  • 3.4.3 hacking activities to protect against the free flow of information should not be the bottom line.

3.5 Personal or network of social organizations should self-assessment, review activities are contrary to "COG Hackers and self-discipline convention."Article 4 of the way and attitude towards money4.1 Money does not equal evil, but money is definitely not the highlight and demonstrate the ability of hackers to the standard.4.1.1 not the way hackers get money by stealing the labor of the general public access.

4.2 through the loophole mining techniques to obtain the money income-related technologies should be assessed by the use of social risk.4.2.1 the privacy of the community the general public, especially children and minors should be protected. To the general public sale of social activities for the purpose of private information is not hacking.

  • 4.2.2 should give the money income of the object to give careful evaluation.
  • 4.2.3 Network of social organization resulting income should be mainly used for the construction of the organization’s mission.

4.3 COG encourage the establishment of a fair share based on open source and not as a measure of money.Article 5 Communication5.1 Any claim for the hacker and the commitment to comply "COG Hackers self Convention," the network of social organizations or individuals should carefully consider how to deal with the spread of hacking techniques.5.1.1 hacker culture and technology, communication behavior should follow in line with the spirit of the mission and goals of hackers.

  • 5.1.2 hacking technology to provide the necessary spread of risk behavior should be a warning.
  • 5.1.3 should be avoided in public places can not assess the risk of web sites or talk about specific technical details of the hacker.
  • 5.1.4 should keep the potential social risks of hacking tools or information.

5.2 communication behavior should be the diffusion of technology, especially the establishment of certain hackers monitoring and evaluation basis.5.2.1 Communication should conduct self-monitoring and evaluation.

  • 5.2.2 communication behavior should be based on effective assessment and monitoring methods be revised.
  • 5.2.3 communication behavior should reflect the target beneficiaries and stakeholders of possible reactions or feedback.
  • 5.2.4 communication behavior should be based on the needs assessment to determine whether to invite the public, or third-party assessment.

Safety of 5.3 should be properly preserved record of the communication process of hacking techniques, such as can not guarantee, the communication process should assess the risk of loss of control and social impact.Article 6 people6.1 Any claim for the hacker and the commitment to comply "COG Hackers self Convention," the network of social organizations or individuals who should seek to avoid the following situation.6.1.1 can not read too many children or adults, the hacker spirit.

  • 6.1.2 advocating extremism, violence, animal abuse, environmental destruction and racism.

6.2 should be on the basis of mutual respect and exchange of personnel.6.2.1 should enable volunteers / enthusiasts accurate, clear understanding of the hacker’s mission and values, of the content, skill requirements, time investment, the working environment (including hardware and software environment), and possible risks involved, and clearly that the nature of their obligations and may face difficulties and challenges.

Article 7 Information-sharing7.1 Any claim for the hacker and the commitment to comply "COG Hackers self Convention," the network of social organizations or individuals should be an appropriate way, in a timely manner to the public understanding of the Internet safety information, which should include but not limited to:7.1.1 Mission and services, as well as with the mission and goals of the individual or organizational performance assessment carried out.

  • 7.1.2 hacker spirit of the person or organization with the knowledge and understanding of the state.
  • 7.1.3 hacker activity information, including the purpose, motivation and activities of the details, which may be misinterpreted or misleading media reports to be corrected.
  • 7.1.4 may endanger the safety of the public network of early warning.
  • 7.1.5 may be beneficial to other Internet communication and information flow of information and knowledge.

7.2 hackers should not be limited to the closure of the exchanges, but should be appropriate to establish open channels of information and respond to public questions of the channel.7.2.1 should be an appropriate way, clearly open to the public the scope of information and communication channels.

  • 7.2.2 should be established to respond to public questions of the channel, so the public can quickly and easily access information network to improve communication and privacy protection.

Section 4 requirements to be met to join COGApply to join the COG network of individuals or social organizations, are required to submit:1 that meet the definition of the hacker spirit and a clear mission to serve the public interest for the purpose of a particular statement.

  • 2. There COG existing members or two or more industry professionals in good standing recommendation letter.
  • 3 separate self-written application to join the COG, and observance of "COG Hackers self Convention," the undertaking.
  • 4. Any kind of prove that they meet the "COG Hackers self Convention," the disclosure of information and allows COG.
  • 5 allows COG open to any form of photos or pictures.

Drafters of the Convention: Eagle Eye Eagle Safety Culture Network (Eagle AU)September 9, 2011 September 13, the first edition of the first amendmentSeptember 15, 2011 COG Preparatory Committee for the amendment after a final discussion and the final resolution of the Convention, announced to the public media, voter lists are as follows:Green Corps shutd0wn, 0x557’s la0wang, China hawks creator chinaeagle, Honker Union founder li0n, creator of the power network c0ldface, Green Corps Kirin station creator liwrml, Red Wolf team amxku, T00ls oldjun, T00ls XSSER, Green Corps isbase site creator isbase, the creator of the evil ice octal love letters of blood, Feelids on behalf of the wind rather, Green Corps s010ist, Green Corps founder goodwell

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