CoinWallet Bitcoin Trader Shuts Down Following Data Breach

Catalin Cimpanu reports:

CoinWallet, an online wallet service for Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies, announced over the weekend plans to shut down the service by May 1, 2016, following a data breach incident that occurred on April 6, 2016.

The CoinWallet team said it identified the point of attack, blaming a recent service upgrade that added a new function to their service. This new feature allowed for user input, which apparently wasn’t properly filtered.

The attacker added malicious code to this input field, which was executed on the server triggering a malicious database call that compromised the service.

Read more on Softpedia. Catalin reports other recent shutdowns, including ShapeShift, which revealed “it suffered a similar cyber-incident on April 7, and it shut down its service for the foreseeable future, deciding to rebuild its entire infrastructure from the ground up.”

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