Colorado mental health services provider reveals September attack impacted hundreds of thousands of clients and employees

It appears that AspenPointe,  a Colorado provider of outpatient and inpatient crisis ,mental health, substance abuse, and behavioral services across the lifespan, is notifying employees and clients of a cyberattack that resulted in exfiltration of data.

In a notice on their web site, which appears addressed more to employees than clients, they write:

As you are aware, AspenPointe recently experienced a cyberattack on our technological infrastructure in the latter part of September. The severity of this attack forced us to close the majority of our operations for several days, and we immediately launched an investigation into its origins. We contracted with outside cybersecurity professionals who regularly investigate and analyze these types of situations to analyze the extent of any compromise of the information on our network. Based on our comprehensive investigation and document review, which concluded on November 10, 2020, we discovered that your full name and one or more of the following were removed from our network in connection with this incident: date of birth, Social Security number, driver’s license number, and/or bank account information.

To date, we are not aware of any reports of identity fraud or improper use of your information as a direct result of this incident. Nevertheless, out of an abundance of caution, we wanted to make you aware of the incident, explain the services we are making available to help safeguard you against identity fraud, and suggest steps that you should take as well. Tomorrow, a letter will be mailed to the home address we have on file detailing this issue further. Additionally, there are resources we are setting up and those will be further explained in the letter. These resources include a one-year membership in a credit monitoring solution.

Please note: A similar letter will also be sent to current and existing clients. If they bring this issue up in an appointment or another setting, please direct them to the phone number below and remind them of their access to the same resources that we are providing to them as well.

If you have any further questions regarding this incident, please call our dedicated and confidential toll-free response line that we have set up to respond to questions at 833.920.3180. This response line is staffed with professionals familiar with this incident and knowledgeable on what you can do to protect against misuse of your information. The response line will be open at the close of business tomorrow and is available Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Central Time.


On November 19, AspenPointe reported this incident to HHS as impacting 295,617 patients.

Unless I missed it, this incident had not shown up on any of the dedicated leak sites used by ransomware threat actors who try to pressure victims by dumping some of their data.

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