Comcast Hacked Again, Data leaked by @Zer0Pwn for #WikiBoatWednesday

@Zer0Pwnhave been busy the past few days, with joined support from many others more and more attacks are starting to happen. he latest attack that has been claimed by them for WikiBoatWednesday is well known isp comcast. The leaked data contains personal information that has come from a facebook based quiz page/database.

@TheWikiBoat: Comcast @AnonOpUK@ntisec @TheHackersNews@Cyber_War_News

The leak was announced via twitter and uploaded to pastebin wit the following message.

Hello everyone. Do you know what today is? Today is #WikiBoatWednesday. #WikiBoatWednesday is when all the members from @TheWikiBoat fight corruption, leak data, and bring down websites. Today for the kickoff of #WikiBoatWednesday, I got even more data from Comcast. The first part is Employee names, ages and salaries. And the second part, is information logged from "Facebook Quizzes". Quite odd that they’d be storing your information from facebook in THEIR database hm? Anyways, I believe the format for the Facebook Quizzes is something like: Quiz-ID | User ID | Password | And some more info after that. So enjoy ;).

The leak contains no breached emails, but a dump of username and encrypted passwords can be found.

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