Comcast hacked, data leaked by @Zer0Pwn

@Zer0Pwn has been slowly making a name for themselves and the most recent attack is surely going to put them on the map and in sights of many others. Zer0Pwn has made claim that they have hacked Comcast and leaked information. in the leak they explain that they do have access to critical personal information such as credit cards and address but they are not going to be releasing or using this information.

Hello. First of all, I would like to make things clear, that I will not dump credit cards, usernames, or passwords for this hack. I do have access to your database, and I do have access to these specific details. But I am only here to prove a point. It doesn’t matter who you are, how much money you have, whether https is enabled or not, there will always be some kind of vulnerability. Be thankful I hit your site before anyone else, if it were anyone else, specific details could have been leaked. Such as; credit cards. Contact me if you have any questions. If you believe these details are fake, first of all, fuck you. Second, contact me for proof. I will let out a very small amount of accounts/emails, that’s it. Because as I said before, I’m only here to prove a point.

The release does contains a list of database tables and some emails from the database as well but no other further information and no passwords was leaked.

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