Comcast Hometown Network Hacked, Defaced, Dataleaked by #UGNAZI @UG

@UG have continued to attack company websites, yesterday it was sixflags and today it is comcast hometown network. The official website for the hometown network appears to of been defaced ( index page only ) and also a leak of accounts has been posted to pastebin. ugnazi-h4ck3rgr0up The announcement was made from the @UG twitter account

UGNazi ‏@UG****UGNazi ‏@UG

The attack was on and the leaked data contains some basic server/network information as well as 15 admin accounts with emails and passwords that aer in clear text and very weak in terms of how strong the passwords are, for example it appears a few of the accounts was still using the default password which was "welcome". It also has come to light over the past few days that @UG has had a change within its team, with a new member being accepted and a old member leaving. The member that left was @le4ky and the new member appears to be @IonCuber .

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