Comcast resets nearly 200,000 passwords after customer list goes on sale

Steve Ragan reports:

Over the weekend, a reader (@flanvel) directed Salted Hash to a post on a Dark Web marketplace selling a number of questionable, if not outright illegal goods. The post in question offered a list of 590,000 Comcast email addresses and corresponding passwords.

As proof, the seller offered a brief list of 112 accounts with a going rate of $300 USD for 100,000 accounts. However, one wished to purchase the entire list of 590,000 accounts, the final price was $1,000 USD.

Saturday evening, Salted Hash contacted Comcast about the account list being sold online. By the time our message reached them, Comcast had already obtained a copy of the list and their security team was checking each record against the ISP’s current customer base.

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