Companies buy stolen data from criminals to protect users

Sean Sposito reports on companies buying, or arranging to buy through an intermediary, stolen data on the dark web. They do it to verify whether the data are real or whether they’ve had a leak, and they generally don’t spend much – only buying a small sample of data, but the practice is controversial. Read more on Express News.

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  1. Jared - January 11, 2016

    This is actually pretty common. This is one of the tactics used by hackers now. They try and steal information that they can hold for ransom. Rather than having to deal with law suits from the clients they pay off the hackers. This is especially common in the gambling industry. These hackers specifically target large gambling companies like Federal Group [link deleted by moderator] because people don’t want others to know they are gambling and it is some of the easiest information to get.
    This type of crime is not going to stop. You’re going to keep seeing it more often in the future.

    • Dissent - January 11, 2016

      Did you read the article or just the headline? The article isn’t about paying ransom.

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