Companies experiencing more insider data breaches after terminating employees who were working from home during pandemic

Apart from an increase in hacks as more people work from home with less than high levels of security, there has been an increase in insider breaches. Emma Hatton reports:

Recently-redundant employees are sharing their former companies’ data in an effort to find new work with their competitors, a security firm that investigates data breaches says.

When the lockdown was announced firms scrambled to get people working from home, in some cases without adequate security protections, according to Datalab managing director Cameron Hansel.

“They (employees) were required to take information home with them or work on systems that weren’t owned by the business. Then when businesses had some breathing room to look at what the impacts of downturns were going to be, obviously some made the decision to lay people off.

“What that meant was that person was at home, with hardware, chalked up with company data and they had the time to think about what they wanted to do with that.”

Read more on Radio New Zealand.

In another look at other kinds of insider breaches related to more people working from home, see Brooke Master’s reporting on Today.

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