Complaint Against Delhi University VC Alleges Data Privacy Breach

The Quint reports:

A complaint has been filed against the Vice Chancellor of the University of Delhi (DU) over allegations of the varsity having leaked personal data of final-year students in admit cards issued ahead of the controversial online Open Book Examinations.

The complaint, filed by former Delhi University Student’s Union President Arun Hooda at Maurice Nagar Police Station, says that the university has failed to maintain the trust of students.

Read more about the incident and complaint on The Quint.  Keep in mind that this is a complaint to the police against the Vice Chancellor for failing to adequately secure data on the admit cards. While the data types on the card would not be considered super-sensitive in the U.S., the complaint alleges that the data can be used by ne’er-do-wells to acquire other information such as financial information and Aadhaar number, etc.

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