Computer at heart of criminal case against former CBI deputy director

Howard Pankratz reports:

An allegedly stolen computer belonging to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation is at the heart of the criminal case against former CBI deputy director Peter Mang, according to the criminal complaint filed against Mang in Jefferson County.

The criminal complaint alleges that Mang stole a CBI computer, its “contents”, power cords, printer, printer card, cable, computer bag, digital recorder and ear protectors.

The complaint alleges that Mang then unlawfully accessed and exceeded authorized access to a computer network or system.

Mang is charged with embezzlement of public property, a class 5 felony. He is also accused of misdemeanor theft – specifically the theft of the CBI computer and its contents, with a value of $500 or more but less than $1,000.

For the unauthorized access to a computer network or system the 60-year-old Mang is accused of misdemeanor computer crime, a class two misdemeanor.

Okay, so assuming he stole the equipment, that still doesn’t explain why he was able to access the network. Did they not change passwords or cut off his access effectively?

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