Computer hacker to represent himself in Isle of Man sentencing

Jason Roberts reports on a case in the Isle of Man:

A man’s asked to represent himself as he awaits sentencing for computer hacking and data theft.

47 year old John Henry Griffin of Mona Drive in Douglas was convicted of two offences of unauthorised access of data and two of unlawful obtaining of personal data.

He appeared before High Bailiff Jayne Hughes, when his advocate asked to be released from the case.

Read more on 3FM. Previous court coverage by the same reporter provided some of the background to the case:

He’d gained unauthorised access to computer material, and unlawfully obtained personal data, whilst working for RL360 between October 2016 and January 2017.

At Douglas Courthouse on Tuesday Griffin’s advocate said his client still believed there was a conspiracy in play between the police and financial authorities.

It seems, from other coverage, that Gfiffin had some complaints about his former employer and he claimed to be getting information or evidence that he was planning to use in some whistleblower capacity.

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