Computer IDs, passwords of Japan lawmakers leaked

The computer IDs and passwords of all the lawmakers in the House of Representatives were leaked during recent cyber-attacks against the lower house’s server and personal computers, it has been revealed.

In a report released Monday, the lower house also said e-mails sent to its lawmakers might have been accessible to hackers for a maximum of 15 days.

On the same day, the House of Councillors said 29 of its personal computers were also found to have made improper communications with overseas Web sites as a result of cyber-attacks it discovered following the revelation of the lower house case.

According to the House of Representatives, the virus infection started July 25, when a lawmaker using a computer distributed for public use opened a virus-infected file attached to a targeted e-mail sent to the computer.

Eventually, the virus infection spread to the lower house’s server and a total of 32 computers.

Information stored in the computer first infected with the virus was suspected of having been stolen up to Sept. 1.

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