Computer theft at Greenleaf Book Group

A janitor is suspected of being responsible for the theft of five desktop computers and laptops from the Austin, Texas office of Greenleaf Book Group (GBG). The theft was discovered on January 18.

At least one of the computers held current and past customer and vendor information including names, email addresses, credit card information, and in some cases, mailing addresses.

In their January 28th notification to Maryland residents affected by the breach, the company notes that while the janitorial service identified a suspect and reported it to law enforcement, GBG suspended all janitorial services until the property management company could arrange for a different janitorial service.  GBG also took a number of other precautions, including deactivating all janitorial key cards, changing the locks to their building, adding locks to the accounting and executive offices, and arranging for storage of credit card information with a cloud provider that would provide AES encryption.

Although they had no evidence that information on the computers had been accessed, those affected were offered 12 months of free credit monitoring with Experian ProtectMyID


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