Concerns turned into reality… As soon as Samsung Electronics unlocks ChatGPT, ‘misuse’ continues

The following is a Google machine translation of an article in the Economist Korea.

Jeong Doo-yong reports:

As soon as Samsung Electronics permitted the use of ChatGPT in its device solution (DS/semiconductor) business premises, an accident occurred in which corporate information was leaked. The contents of programs related to semiconductor ‘facility measurement’ and ‘yield/defect’ were entered as learning data for American companies.


In less than 20 days after the DS division changed its operating policy, the ‘internal information leakage’ accident that was concerned about occurred. The contents of the accident identified by Samsung Electronics are ‘2 cases of leakage of equipment information’ and ‘1 case of leakage of meeting contents’. After recognizing the fact, the company applied ’emergency measures’, such as limiting the upload capacity to 1024 bytes per question. The executives and staff involved in the corporate information leakage accident will be investigated and, if necessary, disciplinary action will be taken.

Read more at The Economist Korea.

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