Confidential data of New York company breached in Mumbai

Somendranath Sharma reports:

Confidential data entrusted to a Bhayandar-based Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company by a New York-based company was compromised recently. This has led to a police investigation, and the corporate espionage angle is also being probed.

The BPO company registered an FIR stating that email addresses of the New York-based debt recovery company, which were used to communicate with clients, were illegally accessed from outside the BPO. One of the email IDs was allegedly accessed by a rival company in Thane.

Read more on Mumbai Mirror.

In light of recent news about a breach involving the New York-based medical collection agency Retrieval-Masters Creditors Bureau Inc. (dba American Medical Collection Agency), reached out to Epicenter Technology to inquiry about the identity of the NY firm, but has received no response as yet. has also sent an email inquiry to the law firm representing Retrieval-Masters to ask them if this report out of India is in any way connected.

This could all be a coincidence, of course, but a NY collection agency being mentioned seems like quite a coincidence. If any response is received, I will update this post.

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