Confidential data stolen from Tesla after staff failed to secure server with password?

Note:  as Catalin Cimpanu points out on Twitter, “Neither RedLock nor Tesla confirmed that “confidential data” was stolen. Tesla said the opposite in their statement. The reporter is going out on a limb on this one.”

Duncan Riley reports:

Elon Musk may be able to send a Tesla Inc. vehicle into space, but apparently his staff can’t secure data online so easily. A shocking report released this morning details the theft of data from the electric car company, blaming it on gross staff incompetency.

According to researchers at cloud security firm RedLock Ltd., hackers infiltrated Tesla’s Kubernotes console after the company failed to secure it with a password. Within one of the Kubernetes pods, a group of software containers deployed on the same host, sat the access credentials to Telsa’s Amazon Web Service Inc. account.

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