Confidential files found in drug raid were ‘job applications, Victoria Police

Earlier today I read an article on a security breach involving the Australian Security Intelligence Organization (ASIO).  During a drug raid in Melbourne, the police had discovered intelligence and police files.  Believing that it was a security breach involving intelligence but not necessarily PII, I didn’t cover it here.  Now it turns out that the security breach may have involved PII afterall.  I can picture the reactions in the ASIO:  what a relief — it’s just PII and not national security….

Keith Moor and Wayne Flower report:

UPDATE 9.22am: CONFIDENTIAL ASIO files found during a police raid on a drug house were job application forms, according to police.

Victoria Police issued a brief statement this morning in response to a Herald Sun report in today’s paper.

The statement reads: “Victoria Police would like to advise that the ASIO related documents seized during the execution of a warrant in Glenroy were job application related papers only.’’

The Herald Sun has been told the drug grower’s girlfriend had worked in the intelligence areas of several agencies, including ASIO, the Office of Police Integrity, the West Australian and Victoria police forces and the Victorian Department of Corrections.

The security breach is a major embarrassment to the various agencies the woman used to work for.

It is believed the woman held a very senior position in the OPI’s secretive intelligence department until about 18 months ago and had access to sensitive and confidential material.

Read more in the Herald Sun (AU)

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