Confidential information abandoned in forgotten HANO building

Dennis Woltering of WWLTV in Louisiana reports:

Confidential records left in file cabinets and strewn through a former HANO [Housing Authority of New Orleans] office building in Algiers have raised questions about the agency’s promise to secure private information.

HANO abandoned a former office loaded with all kinds of confidential information about two years ago with no apparent effort to secure or destroy those personal records.


Plenty photocopies of social security cards, birth certificates, and drivers licenses were found in file cabinets and on the floor.


Eyewitness News called HANO to find out how this happened and what the agency intends to do about it. HANO spokesman Terry Cassreino declined to look at the private information found and had little to say.

“This is the first we’ve heard,” said HANO spokesman Terry Cassreino. “I’ll get back to you. Give us a chance to take a look and see.”

Late Tuesday Cassreino called to say that “this was a random break-in. There was no sign of forced entry except for the roof.”

He said all the records have been removed and secured. He added, HANO will “try to contact all of the people (affected) and provide them with credit monitoring for one year to protect them against identity theft.”

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