Confidential Record Leak Leaves CalBar, Lawyers, Clients Exposed

David McAfee reports:

California’s state bar association, which is responsible for licensing and regulating more than 250,000 lawyers in the most populous US state, is itself under scrutiny for a data leak that allowed confidential client complaint and attorney disciplinary record data to be captured by a free court records website.

As many as 322,500 such documents were vacuumed up by between October 2021 and February 2022, according to a proposed class action filed against the California bar by two lawyers, a former judge, and three people with attorney grievances, all of whom are proceeding anonymously.

Read more at Bloomberg Law.

The case is John Roe 1 et al v. The State Bar of California et al.
CENTRAL DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA (Southern Division – Santa Ana)
CASE#: 8:22-cv-00983-DOC-DFM

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