Contra Costa County Employee Email Accounts Hacked In Data Breach

Be forewarned: the news story misspells”breach” as “breech.” I couldn’t bring myself to use their headline so fixed that, but am leaving this:

Contra Costa County officials have begun sending out letters this week to potential victims of the “unauthorized access to certain county employee email accounts” in a computer breech between July to August of last year.

In a news release, officials said an investigation of the breech was completed on March 11 and letters and email alerts began going out to potential victims on April 15.

Read more at SanFrancisco CBS.

Contra Costa’s notice can be found on the county’s website, here. In terms of information types, some info was for employees and some was for those using county services:

We reviewed the emails and attachments that could have been accessed or downloaded and determined that emails and attachments contained information pertaining to certain County employees, as well as individuals who communicated with the County’s Employment & Human Services Department. This information includes names accompanied by one or more of the following: Social Security numbers; driver’s license or state-issued identification numbers; financial account numbers; passport numbers; and medical information and/or health insurance information.


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