Couple of defaced sites by Mad Hackerz Team

content/images/gallery/random3/capture_0.png In whats a rather odd outburst of attacks as we do not see the Lebanese People normally facing many cyber problems is now starting to turn into a new problem for them after a team of hackers using the handle Mad Hackerz Team. The defacements can be  seen on the mirrors with only one site still being actively defaced. site: Site : Site : Message in the defacing:

Electronic revolution is still going on Our campaign to the sites of Lebanon continues We do not pull, banners do not ignite do not throw stones Aitarat Rationality of a peaceful revolution!! , To Avtatna sites Lebanese electronic Our aim to convey a message to the people Banani, and rulers Our dream is only that we wake up one day, at home Land of freedom, equality homeland, a homeland culture The only equality of Samana, and backwardness!! When we are out of the quagmire of underdevelopment is this? When we will get our rights? When employment opportunities will be available? When will we stop the study in the light of the candle When Sentuqg for / in the spirit of our blood and souls watermelon And / watermelon, oh Our concern all Nrkd Laura politicians I want to know Maine changed the comfortable country Bahl And the other Bgulwlk Msawh!! Equality regardless of my pension and I am 400 thousand pounds per month andthe right of the apartment has become something less than 100 thousand dollars End! , Sorry of the website owner Avatar Vshit congenital, and create more than 100 million Lebanese citizen!!!

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