Court case against former HSBC Private Bank employee adjourned

The Local reports:

Falciani, 43, now living in Spain, failed to appear in the Federal Criminal Court in Bellinzona in the canton of Ticino on Monday to defend himself against charges of violating Swiss banking secrecy laws and other offences.

Federal prosecutor Carlo Bulletti requested the adjournment in view of Falciani’s non-appearance.

The whistle-blower has already said that he would not appear in the court for Monday’s court hearing or at another one set for November 2nd, the ATS news agency reported.

Falciani copied data relating to 130,000 suspected tax evaders with hundreds of millions of dollars in accounts at HSBC and since 2009 has been cooperating with various European countries by providing this information to governments.

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It’s interesting how his image has shifted over the years from a rogue insider who stole his employer’s data to try to sell to other governments to a “whistleblower.”  For some of the past coverage of this case on this site, search for “Falciani.”


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