Court records were lost in debilitating Vanuatu cyber attack

There’s another update to the crippling ransomware attack the archipelago of Vanuatu suffered months ago. RNZ reports:

The Vanuatu Chief Justice has confirmed that court records were lost in the ransomware attack on government agency computer systems late last year.

Vincent Lunabek said the courts were able to save some offline data concerning the registration and completion of cases as of the end of October 2022.

Justice Lunabek said during November and December, when the government network had been forced offline, court officials took steps to continue registering and complete cases manually.

He said they can restore missing data in the court system, and do data entry for registered cases since November back into the system.

But he said these cases will have new case numbers and therefore the courts will be issuing notices to all parties and/or their lawyers with those new numbers.

Read more at RNZ.

DataBreaches has reported on the incident in previous coverage, noting in one of this site’s updates that the attack was by the group called RansomHouse. A check of RansomHouse’s leak site today indicates that the threat actors have not leaked or dumped more data since their initial post.


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