“Cracka” arrested by U.K. police? (Updated)

William Turton reports that “Cracka” has been arrested:

A 15-year-old boy was arrested in the East Midlands, England, on Tuesday, for allegedly hacking the personal email account of the CIA director and releasing the personal information of 11,000 government agents.

The hacker known as “cracka” was arrested on multiple counts of suspicion of conspiracy to commit unauthorized access to computer material, the South East Regional Organised Crime Unit told the Daily Dot via email.

“Cracka” made headlines in October for hacking the personal AOL account of CIA Director John Brennan, and this week he dumped the personal information of 20,000 FBI employees and 9,000 Department of Homeland Security agents, two of cracka’s associates told the Daily Dot via Twitter DM.

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These hacks have been an embarrassment to the U.S. government and officials, but it’s likely that the accused hacker will never see the inside of a U.S. courtroom.

Update: The teen told Motherboard that he is not “Cracka.”

The alleged hacker, who declined to reveal his real name, said he refused to answer any questions from the police, and was subsequently released on bail after spending 7 hours in a cell. He also denied being Cracka, saying “I’m not who you think I am 😉 😉 ;)”

And of course, an arrested teen would never lie to a reporter…

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