Craigslist: it’s not just for prostitution ;p

Yet another reason for states attorney general to go after Craigslist?

Over on Security for the Masses, Rhonda posted a short email exchange she had in response to an ad on Craigslist.

On May 1, the poster had advertised under Security Consultants/CEH on the San Francisco Bay, East Bay edition: “Seeking someone that is extremely skilled at manipulating computer databases. …” The post was subsequently flagged for removal. Perhaps the poster did not understand what the “E” in CEH stands for, because it turned out that the “database cleanup” involved accessing the DMV databases in California and Colorado to clean up his driving record.

Clearly “[email protected]” never read what happened when press aide Todd Shriber contacted to enlist hackers to clean up his academic records.

Let’s see…. ID thieves advertising their goods on YouTube and now folks soliciting database intruders on Craigslist? What next?

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