Credit Card Receipts from Bay Area Old Navy Store Mistakenly Shipped to Shopper in Upstate New York

Ah, that pesky human error strikes again.

Marianne Favro reports:

Attention, Old Navy shoppers: Your credit card receipt, with full account number and signature, may have ended up in a random mailbox in Upstate New York.

Anita Vogel lives in West Seneca, New York, near Buffalo. She recently received a package in the mail containing hundreds of credit card receipts from Bay Area shoppers.

The receipts arrived in Vogel’s mailbox along with clothing she ordered from Old Navy.

“It’s addressed to me with my shipping label,” Vogel said. “But when you open it, there was the bag of receipts…and inside are hundreds of credit card receipts, temporary shipping passes, account numbers, full account numbers.”

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