Credit union email gaffe exposes employee information

Add Scient Federal Credit Union to the list of those exposing employee information due to an email error.

The error occurred on July 14, and resulted in an unspecified number of employees’ details being sent to a prospective employee. The information, which was sent by secure email, included name, Social Security number, address, amount or percentage of 401k contribution, and year-to-date hours and pay.

The recipient was contacted the same day, deleted the email, and signed a notarized affidavit that it had been deleted and not copied or disseminated further.

The one affected New Hampshire employee was notified and offered free credit monitoring.  Presumably, other affected employees were similarly offered free credit monitoring protection.

It is not totally clear from the description of the incident whether the CU employee intended to email the prospective employee but accidentally attached employee information, or if the email sender intended to attach employee data but  just sent the email to the wrong party.

Related: The credit union’s notification to the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office.


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