Credit unions issue warnings on debit cards

There’s been a breach somewhere…. but we don’t know which merchant yet. King Ring and Bill Fortier report from Massachusetts:

Customers of two local credit unions are being warned to keep a close eye on accounts linked to their debit cards after some apparently fraudulent activity was noticed.

Both GFA Federal Credit Union in Gardner and Leominster Credit Union posted warnings on their websites, and GFA e-mailed its customers, as well. People calling the Leominster Credit Union were also given a warning about fraudulent debit card activity in states other than Massachusetts.


Leominster Credit Union Senior Vice President Carol Southworth said many financial institutions are seeing the effects of what appears to be a security breach. It may be through a merchant or the sites where credit card transactions are processed. She said several banks and credit unions are issuing the warning and urging customers to monitor their accounts.

Although Southworth indicated it could be a processor, a spokesperson from GFA indicated that they had been informed by MasterCard and Visa that the point of compromise was a merchant.


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