Crypto hacker offered reward after $600m heist

Joe Tidy provides an update on one of the weirdest hacking stories in my recent memory: someone makes a huge heist of cryptocurrency, sends messages to the world and returns the funds, says they did it for fun, and turns down a reward they were offered.

A hacker who stole just over $600m (£433m) worth of cryptocurrency was offered $500,000 and immunity as a reward for returning the money.

Poly Network made the controversial offer after the hacker pledged to send back the money.

The attack was uncovered on Tuesday when Poly Network publicly pleaded with the hacker to help.

One former FBI official said “private companies have no authority to promise immunity from criminal prosecution”.

The attack is one of the largest hacking heists in history. Poly Network said the person had exploited a vulnerability in its system.

Read more on BBC.

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